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We are a professional consultancy delivering international development and trade advisory services to clients who are serious about working with or in emerging markets! Let us help you to overcome any project implementation challenge you face in today's emerging and developing economies.

We focus on legal, regulatory and institutional standards to support project design, institutional assessments, and project procurement for international agencies, governments and private sector partners involved in public sector reforms. Our services bring clients the resources needed to decide where to invest their trade dollars, while mitigating risks, and increasing opportunities with target markets.

Our business strategy is based on 3 Pillar Expertise, and has proven to be a winning formula for success:

Why Choose Us?

We bring expert insights on issues that matter for development.

Our experience is second to none.

  • Quality work products
  • In country experience
  • Multi-disciplinary skills
  • Global thinking

We believe local people and global process equals major success!


  • Regulatory & institutional assessments, so "you know before you go"
  • Monitoring evolving rules and requirements to avoid costly non-compliance before you start your project
  • Information on relevant legal, business and policy environments to ensure proper risks management related to procurement, commercial agreements, disputes, and more


  • Trade facilitation
  • Procurement for development
  • Project risk and governance mapping
  • Training to improve capacity, so your team can outperform your expectations


  • Local partnerships in Africa, the Caribbean, Europe and Latin America

  • Private and public sector relationships through regional competitiveness initiatives

Global Executive Trade

With great cultural sensitivity and understanding, Global Executive Trade professionals assist our clients to effectively access opportunities in global markets, and implement solutions needed to meet a wide range of challenges. Let us work with you to build on your strengths and achieve your international goals.

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